Financial Fixes Specially Designed for Your Situation

Speck Financial Freedom in Morenci, AZ provides you the valuable opportunity to free yourself from the burdens of dealing with money-related details. Apart from being a financial expert - AFC®,  PLLC - and a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, I have also trained as a Life Coach and a Master Resiliency Trainer and am a part of the Financial Therapists Association.

Manage Your Finances with Ease

As an investment-coaching-group-affiliated counselor, Elizabeth Speck can design a personalized plan that will help you manage your finances more efficiently. You will find my assistance particularly invaluable when you receive any of the following:

  • Big Income Raise
  • Bonus
  • Buy-Out

  • Inheritance
  • Windfall

Because I handle clients individually, I could focus on your specific situation and map out an effective plan that works. I am particularly adept in dealing with issues concerning credit repair and credit scores. Upon request, I can send a general draft of your packages.

Download the Strategy Questionnaire 

Find out the many ways whereby you can benefit from my expertise by taking advantage of my free initial consultation. To give you an overview of how my services can benefit you, please download and answer this Strategy Questionnaire. For more details, contact me today. 


1. Organize Finances for Life - If you have lived life getting everything done, but you don't have a 'folder' where your partner/children could go if you were incapacitated, then this package is for you! 

2. Analyze Financial Situation - If you have never thought about what is happening financially, ask for an oversight to see what is happening to your finances.

3. Retirement Analysis - If you don't know if you can retire, this is for you!

Confidentiality is always a guarantee.

Please note, however, if clients share with me that a child or an adult’s life is being threatened by another person or by themselves, I am obligated by law to report this (including child abuse, child neglect, life threatening abuse of an adult by another adult, or suicide risk).

Meetings will be one hour long, which can be done in one of four ways (your preference):

  1. Online face to face (via Skype).
  2. Online texting back and forth (via Facebook Private Messenger or Google Hangout).
  3. Phone Conversation (USA numbers only).
  4. In Person.

Cost: Depends on package. They are different costs. (I cannot do refunds, but you can reschedule your meeting with me if you give me a 24 hour notice). There will always be 1 free assessment counseling/coaching.

Packages: Basic: 4 sessions: $250 / Intermediate: 6 sessions: $510 / Master Classes: 10 sessions: $1,250

To schedule an appointment, receive instructions on moving forward with this service, or to ask any further questions, please email me at the address below.